Injun JoeEdit

Injun Joe is the main antagonist of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He is a half Native American, half white man. He was whipped by Mr. Douglas, a police officer. Injun Joe had probably been striking fear into the children of the village. The first that Tom Sawyer witnessed was the murder of Doctor Robinson and the framing of Muff Potter. Following this, Huck Finn overhears Injun Joe plotting the mutilation of Widow Douglas. Towards the end of the book, Tom sees Injun Joe inside the cave, but he is not able to see Tom's face. At the end of the book, Injun Joe is found dead behind the newly sealed cave entrance

(Muffren) Muff PotterEdit

Muff Potter is a drunk fisherman who loves children. He often helps mend the children's kites and helps them fish. Muff Potter is falsely accused of murdering Dr. Robinson in the beginning of the story. In fact, Injun Joe killed the Doctor. Injun Joe managed to convince Muff that he committed the murder. He is a close friend of Tom's. Tom saves Muff's life, while endangering his own, by telling the truth about the Robinson murder. Muff is certainly the most pitiful character in Tom Sawyer, and his plight gives Tom and Huck the opportunity to demonstrate their kindness and compassion. They visit him in jail, bring him gifts, and, eventually save his life. All Muff can do is thank them and warn them to avoid drinking alcohol.

Dr. RobinsonEdit

The doctor who wanted the grave dug up. He was subsequently killed by Injun Joe, who framed Muff Potter for the crime.